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"Simplicity is arguably one of the hardest things to master." — Reigning Champ Founder, Craig Atkinson

Even before the introduction of Reigning Champ in 2007, our focus as a private label manufacturer had always revolved around an obsession with quality and make. Our intention was to produce authentic sportswear at the highest level with the best manufacturing methods available, and that's still the case today. The work we do is guided by a respect for craft and an unwavering resolve to master simplicity.

It begins with our fabrics, the canvas for whatever we choose to produce. A great material can be the impetus for design, and instill longevity in the final product. Our foundation is built with this in mind; a combination of best-in-class textiles painstakingly developed with our partner mills or expertly sourced from specialist manufacturers who share the same attention to details as we do.

Equally important, is the level of consideration that goes into our design process. The concept of restraint often guides us, detailing product with quiet purpose and creating something that is a true sum of its parts. We take time to consider all the nuances that may contribute to an elevated sense of function, comfort, aesthetic, and fit for the wearer.

There are many hands that contribute to our vision, as well as a common thread of pride and craftsmanship that goes into every step from start to finish. As for construction, the flatlock seam has become a signature of ours. This specialized piece of equipment originates from the mid-1900’s and still produces a finished seam that looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside — nothing quite compares. Any given garment may pass through up to a hundred different hands before it meets our expectations, and therefore takes an assembly of highly skilled sewers to produce the unrivaled precision that we strive for.

The legacy we are shaping is one that celebrates the tangible artifacts of athletics, rooted in the traditions and culture of sport. And we believe that when all of these things we work toward are working in harmony with one another, that is mastering simplicity.